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Faculty of Urdu

The college Urdu faculty plays a vital role in nurturing the love for the Urdu language, literature, and culture among students. With their expertise and passion, they inspire students to explore the rich heritage of Urdu and develop a deeper understanding of its beauty and significance. The Urdu faculty in college comprises experienced professors, scholars, and writers who possess in-depth knowledge of Urdu language, literature, and linguistics. They are well-versed in the works of renowned Urdu poets, authors, and playwrights, and are adept at guiding students through the intricacies of Urdu poetry, prose, and drama. Through their engaging lectures, discussions, and interactive sessions, the faculty members create a stimulating environment that encourages students to appreciate and analyze Urdu literature critically. They introduce students to the nuances of Urdu grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, helping them develop strong language skills and linguistic proficiency. Moreover, the college Urdu faculty fosters creativity and originality in students by encouraging them to express themselves through their own Urdu writings. They provide guidance and feedback, helping students hone their writing skills and nurturing their literary talents. The faculty also plays a crucial role in organizing literary events, workshops, and seminars, where students get the opportunity to interact with renowned Urdu scholars, poets, and authors. These events not only enhance students' knowledge and exposure but also promote a sense of community and enthusiasm for Urdu studies.

Trust Area

  • Urdu Language Instruction
  • Language Assessment

Faculty Members

Dr.Tariq Mahmood



Hamid Anwar


Assistant Professor

Muqqdar Hussain


Assistant Professor