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Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education endeavors to produce competent scholalrs and executives who can play a fecund spot both in the experiential and research areas. The faculty uses modern technologies to escalate the mandate accomplishment of the students and to provide them with a stimulating and exigent environment. Emphasis is put on the practical applications of literature to the bureaucratic and legislature needs of the global industry in general and Pakistani industry in particular. The alumnus of the faculty is placed in reputed national and international organizations.
The faculty strives to produce competent professionals who have sound knowledge in the field of administration and orchestration. Faculty is to produce graduates having enhanced creative thinking, problem solving skills and preparedness for lifelong learning in their professional sphere and to develop research programs to address the evolving needs of administration, academia and society.

Trust Area

  • Administration
  • Superintendence
  • Regiment
  • Ministerial
  • Constitutional
  • Political

Faculty Members