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Faculty of Mathematics

"The faculty member has an exceptional command over mathematical concepts and effectively communicates them to students, making complex topics easily understandable." "The faculty member demonstrates a passion for mathematics that is contagious, fostering enthusiasm and engagement among students." "The faculty member's teaching methods promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, challenging students to apply mathematical principles in creative and practical ways." "The faculty member maintains a supportive and inclusive learning environment, where every student feels encouraged to participate and share their ideas without fear of judgment." "The faculty member's dedication to student success is evident through their availability for extra help and willingness to provide additional resources to enhance learning." "The faculty member effectively utilizes technology and interactive tools to supplement classroom instruction, enhancing students' understanding and interest in mathematics." "The faculty member consistently provides constructive feedback and guidance, helping students identify areas of improvement and encouraging them to strive for excellence." "The faculty member's commitment to staying updated with the latest developments in mathematics ensures that students are exposed to contemporary ideas and applications." "The faculty member encourages collaborative learning and group activities, fostering teamwork and enhancing students' communication and problem-solving abilities."
The faculty strives to produce competent professionals who have sound knowledge in the field of computing and information technology. Faculty is to produce graduates having enhanced creative thinking, problem solving skills and ability for lifelong learning in their professional careers and to develop research programs to address the evolving needs of industry, academia and society.

Trust Area

Faculty Members

Nazir Ahmad


Associate Professor

Kaleem Ullah