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Admission Regulations

  • In all the subjects “Open Merit” is observed for male and female students
  • While preparing the merit list, policy of the Punjab Government is followed. Merit of the students is established on the following criterion.
    1. Marks obtained in B.A/B.Sc. in the subjects applied for.
    2. Division secured in Matriculation, Intermediate and Degree Classes.
    3. Written Test
    4. Interview
  • No student will be allowed to take admission test without NIC (National Identity Card)
  • Original documents are verified at the time of interview.
  • Merit list will be displayed on the college Notice board.

Rules & Regulations For College Test

Academic Council determines the rules and regulations for promotion tests. All students will have to abide by these rules. In case of any medical problem students should send their medical certificate duly signed by Medical Superintendent of Govt. Hospital before or during the examination. Application certificate submitted after the examination will not be accepted. Student copying or helping others can be struck off from the college.

Facilities & Miscellaneous Information

  1. Apart from fee concession, deserving students are granted scholarships by Govt. Universities, Board, District Council, student aid society, Zakat, Hilal-e-Ahmar and donors. For further details contact incharge fee concession / scholarship. A student cannot get more than one scholarship.
  2. Principal has the authority to give full or half concession to 10% of deserving students in each category/class
  3. If an elder brother or sister of any student is studying in this college or any other Government College or University and paying full fee then he/she will be given half fee concession. To have this facility it is necessary to present a certificate from the elder brother / sister showing payment of full fee. This concession will be cancelled in case of bogus or false information.
  4. Students are financially supported from Hilal-e-Ahmar fund. Student will have to give separate application for getting this concession.
  5. The eldest child of Govt. school teacher upto grade 15 is given full fee concession and half fee concession to the other. For this purpose certificate attested by the DEO should be attached explaining that the student is the eldest child of the teacher. Concession should be obtained before the payment of dues at the time of admission.
  6. Hafiz-e-Quran students eligible for admission are entitled for full fee concession for the whole academic period. But they will have to contact the incharge fee concession before paying the admission fee. This benefit will automatically finish in case of no recommendation from the incharge.
  7. Scholarship from zakat fund is given to deserving students according to a procedure laid down by the Govt. of Punjab. Moreover, provincial Govt. gives scholarships to the two children of a servant (in service, disable, retired or deceased) of any Govt. department from welfare fund. For this, applications are submitted every year in December. Contact incharge scholarship for further information. If the performance of any student is not satisfactory, his concessions can be cancelled. Similarly the scholarship of students taking part in politics or violating college rules will be cancelled. All concessions and scholarships are given for one year and a fresh application has to be submitted in the next year.